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As more rumours surrounding the iPhone 5 surface, former Engadget editor Joshua Topolsky’s This Is My Next is reporting that the fifth generation of Apple’s smartphone may have a larger screen, at 3.7 inches and the same resolution as the iPhone 4, and a tapered design; all of these align with the previous rumours that the iPhone 5 will be a complete re-design. That enlarged home button may also indicate that Apple plan to incorporate some touch gestures into it, similar to the gestures present on various Palm/HP devices. Topolsky’s sources also claimed that the larger screen will take up more space on the front fascia of the device itself, which leaves little or no room for a bezel, as the above rendering shows (based on sketches provided by the source). No words yet on the release of a new version of iOS, but there is a good chance that the iPhone 5 will ship with a newer version of the OS, taking into account the potential for implementation of gestures into both hardware and software.

While the above mockup gives us some idea of what the next-gen device will look like, don’t assume that this will be anywhere near the final design. Topolsky himself stated that the metal back most likely won’t be present in the final product, and that it was only there as ‘a basis for the image’. Personally, I think that if the final product were to take the form of that rendering, it would be a design disaster, as the screen is far too big for the chassis and everything seems hideously out of proportion.

Via Engadget and This Is My Next

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