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Paper Camera is a camera effects app that lets you take a picture and apply various effects to the picture as you take it. I know there are several apps out there that do this already. This one does it with a slightly different twist.

Basically it gives a new camera app to use and it takes a photo and makes it look like a drawing. There are eleven different effects it uses. They have even designed the camera controls to look like paper.

Android App Review Paper Camera

The main camera interface

As you can see above there are a few settings for contrast, brightness and the weight of the lines used. The arrows in the top right of the screen allow you to choose from the different effects and it shows you in the viewfinder how your final picture will look. You can also quickly get to gallery from within the app to see previous pictures. The pictures once taken are 640×480 in resolution so don’t go printing these pictures on A3 paper. The developers have said they aim to increase the resolution of the pictures which I think would certainly improve the app. Overall the app is great, as long as you just want a straightforward way of taking some photos with a twist. This app would be great for parties or similar. It costs £1.19 in the Android Market which is less than other photo effects type apps. Below are some photos took with the different filters.

Market Link

Android App Review Paper CameraAndroid App Review Paper CameraAndroid App Review Paper CameraAndroid App Review Paper Camera



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