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Ah, the BlackBerry Passport. A seemingly bold (geddit?) handset from a company on the way out.
Android shown running on a BlackBerry Passport

However, what if BlackBerry were cooking up a slightly different model? With Android on it instead? It’d look something like this wouldn’t it?

(Forward to around 5 minutes in)

No, I couldn’t understand a word either. Yes, there was a lot of jump-cuts in the video. No, this isn’t some hacked home brew. This appears to be a full BlackBerry version they’re developing ahead of a supposed release of an all-new Android-powered smartphone later in the year. Within the OS you can clearly see some BlackBerry features, so this does seem to be legit.

A tried-and-trusted brand using a totally different OS? Would that work? Let’s be honest, they haven’t got a great deal to lose.

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