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Now, I’m not going to attack American TV adverts here. They’re weird, yes, but have you seen some of the daytime TV adverts here in the UK? They’re utterly bonkers.

Dear HTC America. What the heck is this?

If you’ve been lucky enough to travel to the USA and you’ve seen some of the TV commercials for drugs and other medical treatments, you’ll have probably seen them list all of the “possible side effects”. It can be amusing for travellers from outside of the USA, which are always read out (not just shown in tiny text at the bottom of the screen) and can consume a huge chunk of the advert itself. It can get to a point where the side effects are actually putting you off ever going near the potion or medicine in question, but it has to be done. It’s an FDA requirement.

Anyhoo. HTC America decided to create a humorous commercial based on this, and here’s what they came out with…


It’s all kinds of terrible. I mean, the HTC One M9, which isn’t really mentioned above, is brilliant. Just check our HTC One M9 review for all the details, but it deserves to be shown off. It deserves ultra-close-up shots of the chassis and people getting blown away by the BoomSound technology. This advert is just wrong on so many levels.

Perhaps go with this instead eh?


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