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Do you wish you had a seemingly endless sea of icons? Do you hate useful widgets for music or weather? Do you want a plain old lockscreen that just slides to the side? If you are repeatedly shouting yes, then you will need todays apps. Below are some shots of the finished article.

Do you wish your Android phone looked like an iPhone?Do you wish your Android phone looked like an iPhone?

To get this look you need to install three apps from the Android Market. First up we have Espier Launcher that mimics the iOS Launcher quite well I think. It lets you move icons around, it lets you create folders, add shortcuts to contacts and it will arrange the icons in several different orders. The nice thing about this app is that it comes with a good selection of iOS icons and the ones that aren’t themed already have a nice little border around them.

The next thing to install is Magic Locker. This is a Lockscreen replacement that has quite a few different themes available for it. As you may have guessed this one is called IPhone Lockscreen. Once installed you need to tap on the new icon for the theme to enable it. It will then appear under themes in the Magic Locker theme section. Once done you should have pretty much what is shown above. It might be worth noting here that Magic Locker has themes that look like Sense 3.0, a Samsung style one or many more. Below are the links to the Market for these apps.

Market Links – Magic Locker – Iphone Theme – Espier Launcher

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