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iPad Air available on Three tomorrow All the details

Hey dear reader. It’s cold, it’s Autumn and it’s a minute past midnight. What are you doing up at this time? 😉 Well, don’t worry, tomorrow is Friday and it’s November 1st. Pop down to your local Three store and you can buy yourself an iPad Air. There’s a range of plans available and we’ve just got the full details…

iPad Air 16GB

Three planUpfront costMonthly cost
Broadband 1GB – monthly rolling plan£499£7.50
Broadband 10GB – monthly rolling plan£499£15
Broadband 15GB – 24 month contract£119£29
Broadband 15GB – 24 month contract£179£25

iPad Air 32GB

Broadband 1GB – monthly rolling plan£579£7.50
Broadband 10GB – monthly rolling plan£579£15
Broadband 15GB – 24 month contract£219£29
Broadband 15GB – 24 month contract£279£25

iPad Air 64GB

Broadband 1GB – monthly rolling plan£659£7.50
Broadband 10GB – monthly rolling plan£469£15
Broadband 15GB – 24 month contract£289£29
Broadband 15GB – 24 month contract£349£25


Three will be offering the iPad Air with WiFi and GSM. We’ve got the full details on the iPad Air which includes a 9.7″ Retina display and a thinner and lighter design. Three will also be selling the iPad mini with the same WiFi and mobile data capabilities later in November. Once Three turn on their 4G data network you’ll also be able to connect to that for no extra cost too.

If you’re interested, head to a Three store or get more details on their website.

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