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If you haven’t, you probably know someone who has. The game has not only exploded across gaming platforms, but it’s remained “sticky”, with players coming back again and again to play.

On your smartphone though, you may be playing a very similar game – PUBG Mobile. This has now cross a big milestone, becoming the top grossing game in the world. It’s achieved more than $146 million in revenue just in the last month alone, with more than 100 million monthly players.

If you do the maths on that, it’s around $1.46 per player every month. As with Fortnite, the cash comes in from skins and items which are purchased within the game.

Recently a Chinese version of the game, with less gore, appeared. It’s called “Game for Peace” and it’s reckoned that around half of the earnings are from this version of the game.

PUBG Mobile is available on both Android and iPhone. As we’ve seen a lot in recent times, despite the rise and rise of PS4 and Xbox, mobile phones are grabbing a large portion of the gaming pie, with players using the “always available” aspect of phones to play wherever and whenever they wish. Another key area of growth in this market is with online gambling, where users get to enjoy hours of NetEnt casino games on mobile casinos by top rated online casino companies. Developers in this field tend to ensure that their apps are updated and enhanced regularly as they operate within a hugely competitive and cut-throat industry.

A new update to PUBG Mobile has just rolled, with developers warning that additional space will be needed –  1.98 GB for Android and 2.45 GB on iOS.

This is rolling out today, although some users will see it appearing on their smartphones tomorrow – June 12th 2019.

Big fixes have been added to the update, but there’s also Godzilla content and a highly anticipated “Deathmatch mode”, which Tencent have tested in an open beta for a while now.

Head into your app store to get the app or check for updates if you already have it installed.

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